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"Bramble have managed to deliver not only a website but a complete customised system built from my ideas in a spreadsheet and at some speed too.  We knew this one was complex so well done" - Vincent Eckerman CEO AVC

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The Green PEA Scheme has been specifically designed to enable businesses to contribute towards reducing carbon emissions in their local authority.

Through the scheme your business or organisation will reduce its running costs and, in turn, your borough will reduce its carbon emissions. Through involvement with the E.U. Covenant of Mayors, the Borough of Poole has a target to reduce emissions by 20% by the year 2020.

Our Strategy was to provide both a glossy brochure type website that promotes those helping to deliver business carbon reductions and secondly a platform that allowed users to sign up to these services. We have built and launched a hosted telephony sign up platform which demonstrates just how much your business can save

This is the third platform built for greener business products and we are really looking forward to starting the next sign up system, which is next on our agenda.

Web Development Project Components

 Custom Web System

 Media Creation

 Website Development

 Web Design

 Affordable Hosting

 Domain Names

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